The Pink Fund Raffle!

Posted by Brianna Lysko on


oy, oh boy. It felt like it took us forever to get to this point. There are so many chances to win amazing gifts from different Small Business Owners and Artists. All donations will go directly to The Pink Fund! LET'S GET RIGHT TO IT! 👇🏼


• Donate any amount to The Pink Fund by clicking the link above in the bio, or by going directly to *every $1=1 entry*
• WAIT FOR EMAIL CONFIRMATION from The Pink Fund! Sometimes it takes a little bit of time!
• Send a screenshot of your donation confirmation to @beelyskoart on IG, or email to with the subject "Raffle".

That's it! The list of entries for the raffle will be publicly available on a Google Doc that can be found in the link in the bio. I'll do my best to update it daily. Winners will be chosen randomly and LIVE on October 27th!

Thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH in advance for your support and donations to such an amazing cause. It's important to me to donate to an organization that helps people with their finances while they navigate breast cancer treatment.

And a very special thank you to every person and business who donated items for the raffle. Please take a second to give them each a follow by clicking their handles below!

Here's what you can win:

1. Breast Cancer Awareness Crewneck by @beelyskoart and Boobie Facemask by @momma_to_levi
2. Butterfly Goddess by @amxthystcollective
3. Vintage Butterfly Jars from @thrift_aweigh_antiques and Cactus & Succulent Coasters by @sarratliff
4. Daphne Vase by @beelyskoart
5. Vintage Handmade Mug from and Reishi Mushroom Tea from @capstonemushroom
6. Pink Monstera Earrings by @greenpearlfarm and Stash Jar by @beelyskoart
7. $25 Gift Certificate to and Earrings by @emeraldclayco
8. $50 Gift Certificate to by @sassy.curvy.worthy
9. BooBee Painting by @beelyskoart

Y'all rock. Let's raise some money for an awesome cause. 🤘🏼💗 Please feel free to share!